Wednesday, October 5


The "Houston Chronicle" (registration required) reports this morning that Hurricane Rita "inflicted substantially more damage to offshore oil and gas facilities in the Gulf of Mexico than Katrina."

The Chronicle's David Ivanovich writes:

Rita destroyed 63 platforms — including capsizing Chevron's deep-water Typhoon facility — as well as one jackup drilling rig.

Katrina took out 46 platforms and four drilling rigs.

Aside from Typhoon, the destroyed platforms were mostly older, "end of life" facilities that produced only about 1.5 percent of the oil and a mere 0.7 percent of the natural gas in the Gulf.

"We anticipate that most of these will never be rebuilt," Norton said of the older platforms.

The two hurricanes also tore 19 drilling rigs from their moorings and set them adrift, in some cases causing serious damage. That was also a problem seen last year during Hurricane Ivan.

Read the entire story and then watch what happens to your energy costs this Fall and Winter.