Friday, October 14


So writes Carl at "No Oil For Pacifists" and I couldn't agree more. We're told such things as Harriet Miers is a deeply religious person, very detail-oriented, a bulldog litigator, and a staunch loyalist of the president, but how do these sorts of accolades translate into her being someone in the Scalia-Thomas mold and a strict constructionist/originalist? The president committed to his base that, if given the opportunity, he would nominate the latter, but has instead given us the former -- a close personal friend, former personal attorney, and White House counsel, and a cipher nominee for whom no paper trail of judicial rulings exists from which one can discern the stamp of her legal philosophy vis-a-vis the pressing social issues of the day.

Carl links to a column by Andrew Cline, published in the "American Spectator," and it merits your interest, as do Carl's viewpoints.

If you're a regular reader of ACSOL, you know where I stand.