Wednesday, October 5


I couldn't agree more with Erik's observation at "":

What is truly aggravating for me is the condescension of some (though definitely not all) who support the nomination at those of us who either object to it or are otherwise unhappy with it.

I commented similarly in this post of mine. But Hugh Hewitt is far from the only one weighing in in a patronizing fashion. He's just one of the more prominent center-right polibloggers doing so.

I voted for the president in both 2000 and 2004. He's enjoyed loyalty from me, but not blind loyalty. If you've watched Sean Hannity's reports from the U.S.-Mexico border this week you'll have seen firsthand why the president's judgement in some matters of state is deserving of reproach. In ignoring our nation's porous borders, he's done this country a gross disservice.

So I don't accept a trust me from the president any more than I do from those who say everything will work out for the best with Harriet Miers without hardly knowing her at all.

FOLLOW-UP: It would appear that Frank Laughter also agrees with Erik and is tired of taking it on the chin for not falling in line with The President's Men (and Women)!

FOLLOW-UP II (10-06-05): Meanwhile, while the patronizing scolding continues from certain quarters of the center-right blogosphere, the plot thickens nearer the real action. (H/T: Matt Drudge)

FOLLOW-UP III: Hey, Frank, now how we think and what we've written is being called "reflexive elitism." You must admit that has a nicer ring to it than "infantilism" or "hysteria" or a "DailyKos-like" incapacity to accept the hermetically-sealed prescience of others!