Thursday, October 27


This piece of blogosphere punditry on the Miers' nomination is going up on my bulletin board right next to the yellowing "Chicago Daily Tribune" headline, Dewey Defeats Truman -- both classics of getting the story wrong.

As D.J. Drummond wrote on Tuesday of this week:

Harriet Miers will be confirmed as an Associate Justice of the United States Supreme Court. This is the conclusion I have reached, after reviewing the salient conditions of the relevant factors, which is to say, there is going to be a great deal of noise and gnashing of high-priced dental work over the next few weeks.
Oooops, D.J.! Guess the lesson is never to be so categorical in bold type.

Don't be upset, however, as I'm just having some fun with you. After all, nobody bats 100% or even 30% of the time in the realm of politics any more than they do in baseball. Just ask the Astros!

POSTSCRIPT (@ 10:00am CDT): Well, if D.J. finds it necessary to label as "Bastards" those of us who opposed the Miers' nomination and called on the president to withdraw her name, then maybe I'm feeling better about my tongue-in-cheek post. Is the hostility owing to the embarrassment over the misguided prognostication or, worse, sanctimonious gunslinging? In point of fact, Harriet Miers would have haunted conservative Republicans had she been confirmed. This is a victory for the conservative movement, for the president's much-maligned base, for Pro-Lifers, for freedom of expression in our democracy, and, hopefully, for the president's next well-vetted, conservative nominee. Harry Reid lost and RINO Specter is wringing his hands publicly this morning, so Miers' brave, judicious withdrawal in the best interests of the nation and the president's ability to govern
should be welcomed.

POSTSCRIPT II (@ 5:00pm CDT): D.J. continues to carp. His colleague at Polipundit -- Lorie Byrd -- just the other day called for civility in the debate over Ms. Miers.