Saturday, October 29


Greg Wallace of "What Attitude Problem?" wrote a very thoughtful post earlier in the month on Halloween, its traditions, our era of political correctness, and asked and responded to the following questions:

Have Christians made Halloween into something it really isn’t? And in doing so, have we lost the opportunity to show our humanity to the world?

In this post, which I encourage you to read in its entirety, Greg cites the pastor of his church as having announced to the congregation that a Halloween night alternative -- a "Harvest Festival" -- in lieu of the traditional trick-or-treating would be planned. Greg had a problem with this concept, for reasons which he explains in depth, and concluded his post with this observation:

Maybe I just don’t get this whole Christianity thing, even after all these many years. But it seems to me that we have nothing to fear on Halloween – or any other night, but especially on this night – or God’s simply not God and this whole thing is just a sham. And we’ve been putting each other on all these years. In that case the kids can go trick-or-treating, anyway.

I felt compelled to leave a "Comment" (I'm a regular reader and fan of Greg's):

My sons are adults now, but we would always accompany them on Holloween and check their Trick Or Treat bags to remove anything that was unwrapped or that concerned us. However, if they were young ones in this day and age, my wife and I would opt for the church event you spoke of in your post. It's just too risky to do otherwise. That's why food products and medicines are packaged differently now then when we were young. And mistrust is better than foolhardiness when it comes to your child's safety. You may not be aware, Greg, but one major problem on Halloween night now is that convicted child molesters try to decorate their homes to attract children. Some cites have enacted ordinances that registered sex offenders cannot decorate their homes for Halloween. When we were children the pervasive drug culture didn't exist. Nowadays, you cannot be sure that someone isn't handing out candy that's been injected or laced with drugs. It's a different world and prudence must dictate. Yes, it is a shame. But what is shameful is when parents turn their children loose on Halloween and play a form of Russian Roulette with their children's lives. You just don't know who lurks in the neighborhood.

Now, today, I find this disturbing (albeit not surprising) information posted at Stop The ACLU, from which I quote:

The ACLU are such an intelligent bunch aren’t they? Sex offenders like candy and trick or treating too. Now why in the world would someone not want a convicted sex offender to disguise themselves, and lurk around the neighborhoods with all of children? Once again, the ACLU are looking out for freedom.

O.K. thats enough sarcasm for me today. Another typical, and predictible position of the ACLU, to protect the most perverted scum in society to be able to prowl the streets for victims. Seems that whenever an official tries to protect the general public, especially children, the ACLU want to obstruct them. Another ACLU trick for a pedophile treat. Makes me sick.

Is it surprising then that our churches endeavor to protect young ones from traditions that have been subverted by predators in our midst? Goodness, even seemingly innocuous grannies in the neighborhood can prove worrisome to parents in this day and age.