Saturday, October 15


For keen observers of the illegal immigration scene, New Orleans is due to face yet another inundation the likes of which will make the break in the levees holding back Lake Pontchartrain in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina pale by comparison. This one won't be about murky, roiled, chemical-polluted flood waters, however. This inundation will come from a human wave of illegal aliens braving the Rio Grande River and possible interdiction by U.S. Border Patrol agents in order to enjoy the abundant benefits proffered by an indifferent president and a do-nothing, Republican-controlled Congress. Benefits, I should add, unique to the Gulf Coast region on the heels of the Katrina and Rita catastrophes; benefits in addition to the ample ones already provided to the 11+ million illegal aliens already afoot in our land; benefits that American citizens, particularly those dispossessed of homes, automobiles, jobs, and clothing, will not be afforded.

Benefits?, you ask. What benefits?

Let me explain. Back on October 2nd, I wrote in this post:

Much has been made in the mainstream media and in the left-of-center blogosphere of New Orleans' ethnicity and its largely poor black population. Indeed, the purported failure (owing to clear MSM-generated distortions of fact) of FEMA and the Bush Administration in the early days following the catastrophic landfall of Katrina and the Crescent City's subsequent levee breaks has been deemed a consequence of racism, pure and simple, or, at best, the president's indifference to the needs of the poor. Propaganda, to be sure; but propaganda fanned by the likes of Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton, and New Orleans' own Ray Nagin, and propaganda that has translated into a peristent perception in the minds of scores of black people that the president's heart is hard as stone when it comes to them.

Now comes the federal largess -- as much an over-reaction to the insidious post-Katrina race-baiting, as the unprecedented evacuation of 2.7 million people in the Galveston-Houston area was a Katrina-induced knee-jerk in the face of Rita's forecasted landfall on America's 4th largest city. Billions and billions of federal dollars will funnel into devastated New Orleans and instead of those Gulf Coast Katrina victims dispossesed of homes and livelihoods sharing in that windfall, Mexican nationals will lead an invasion of illegal aliens (from within and outside of the United States) into that city to benefit from Washington's unchecked spending and, in the process, entirely change the demographics and unique culture of that city, turning it into a smaller mirror-image of Los Angeles.

Now comes this column by Raul A. Reyes -- re-published at "Yahoo News!" -- in which he writes:

I predictably didn't see many Latinos amid the news coverage of Hurricane Katrina. After all, New Orleans has never had a large Hispanic population. Not only might this soon change, Katrina's aftermath might also become an immigration issue.

To stimulate relief efforts, President Bush suspended portions of the Davis-Bacon Act, which requires that construction workers on federal projects be paid the prevailing local wage.

Then the Department of Homeland Security said it would not penalize employers who hired illegal workers. While the idea behind these actions is to lower costs, cut red tape and accelerate rebuilding, the reality is that contractors will have free rein to hire undocumented workers.

I wonder how many Americans, particularly registered American voters, are aware of this? The same president who talks national security and the need to fight terrorists overseas, rather than here at home, has just opened the floodgates for illegal immigrants, and they were already breeching our borders at the rate of 10,000/day when he set out the "Welcome Mat" and as much said to the corrupt Mexican government: "We need cheap-ass construction workers in New Orleans and the hurricane-ravaged Gulf Coast region and they don't require documentation to get the work, so hustle them across our border and tell them the work should last easily for a decade or more."

Meanwhile, the tax-binging, white elephant, bureaucracy-ridden Department of Homeland Security (DHS), to which Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) and its U.S. Border Patrol agents report, announces that it will definately not do in the context of undocumented construction workers working in the Gulf what it is charged to do -- identify and penalize employers who knowingly hire illegal aliens! That's right. Those laws, little enforced as they've been, are now in abeyance.

And all this is done under the euphemistic banner of "cutting red tape." Who's kidding who? What this is, in point of fact, is just more of the same -- Washington defiantly turning a deaf ear to the American people and their overwhelming desire for tighter border security and substantive immigration reform. The people have it right. It's their elected representatives who have it wrong.

As Raul Reyes observes:

Latino and immigrant advocacy groups note that immigrants are already headed for the Gulf region. Once these workers rebuild New Orleans, they may well stay, transforming the city's demographics and placing further burdens on social services. Indeed, the "New" New Orleans might someday resemble heavily Latino cities such as Los Angeles and San Antonio.

The social costs of this scenario would be significant. The presence of large numbers of undocumented workers would further depress wages, fueling poverty. If Hispanics are seen as taking jobs from the African-American population, new tensions might arise.

And as I similarly wrote back on October 2nd:

And to think Jesse Jackson was proposing a Black-Hispanic coalition not too many months ago after a trip to Mexico City. Blacks won't rebuild the Gulf Coast. Illegal aliens will and "El Plan de Aztlan" will continue unimpeded and, in fact, accelerated. Mardis Gras will become Cinco de Mayo. The governors of Louisiana, Mississippi, and Alabama will likely, in time, be facing the same kinds of illegal alien-induced crises that the governors of New Mexico, Arizona, and California are presently facing.

Oh, and I shouldn't have excluded Texas.

Do let those you sent to Washington to represent you know in no uncertain terms that renting the cultural fabric of the Gulf Coast states (and New Orleans in particular) by flooding them with undocumented Mexican nationals is not how you want the next chapter of American history written. And add that general amnesty legislation for illegals will be met with a voter fury the equal of Katrina and Rita combined in the 2006 and 2008 elections.