Tuesday, October 18


The Anchoress, bless her heart, wants a candy bar or something cloyingly sweet should the Harriet Miers' nomination be withdrawn -- a scenario that, were it to occur, would square with her "rope-a-dope" theory that President Bush was clever enough to engage in a "misdirection play" in nominating her and never wanted Miers' in the first place.

But, Bush clever? That certainly stretches credulity. Alas, while one could probably dismiss this outright under normal circumstances, it was The Anchoress, after all, who looked into her crystal ball and presciently predicted the Miers' nomination before it made headlines! (You can bet that crystal ball is not going back to Sam's Club anytime soon.)

Now, then, The Anchoress wanted Janice Rogers Brown to be nominated and so did I. So we're kindred spirits in that sense. So, here's what I am willing to do for my blogger colleague. If Miers' nomination is withdrawn and Janice Rogers Brown is subsequently nominated, I won't send The Anchoress a Snickers bar, but I will go into my shower stall and record a rough-on-the-ears version of When Irish Eyes Are Smilin' and I'll send it to her, along with a six-pack of Guinness Draught.

FOLLOW-UP: Okay, I'll sing the song, but, Carl, you'll have to buy the beer!