Tuesday, October 11


Come on, First Lady Laura Bush, I've always been a fan of yours! I know; I know: you'll say my husband made me do it.

NOTE: Michelle Malkin is appropriately miffed at Laura Bush over her "sexism card" defense of SCOTUS nominee Harriet Miers -- the cipher selected by President Bush to replace Sandra Day O'Conner on the Supreme Court bench.

Goodness, Mrs. Bush, would Janice Rogers Brown (or Priscilla Owen for that matter) have required that sort of thing of you? Hardly! It's just that Harriet Miers needs shoring up and for reasons other than her gender!

POINT/COUNTERPOINT: "Big Lizards" has a different take (i.e., analysis) on the First Lady's response and believes Laura Bush has been misinterpreted in her reply to Matt Lauer's question. However, Captain Ed isn't quite convinced.

FOLLOW-UP (10-12-05): More from Captain Ed this morning on Laura Bush's response to Matt Lauer and he's not conceding the point to "Big Lizards."

FOLLOW-UP II (10-12-05): Frank Laughter has done some serious homework, which he explains in this post and believes conclusively that Laura Bush's response to Matt Lauer was undeserving of the heat she took in some corners and, in point of fact, was prematurely cut-off by Lauer himself before she could amplify. If Frank is satisfied, so am I, so I withdraw my comment that criticism of the First lady was "appropriate" and do extend an apology to her for being too quick on the draw. As I said, I've always been a fan and remain one.