Monday, October 31


First off, let me say that it is nice to have Hugh Hewitt back in the fold. Hugh supports Samuel Alito, as I suspect virtually all conservative bloggers do, and it's great knowing we'll all be pulling from the same end of the rope again. The brouhaha over Miers is history now. It's time to join forces behind President Bush's stellar selection (God, how I love writing that).

In the post I've linked to, Hugh provides addresses for the Senate Republicans who are a concern -- members as they were of the "Gang of 14" -- with respect to whether or not they'll rally behind the president's nominee early and not buckle under the hurricane-force winds of outrage that will blow through the Senate chamber as a result of a bona-fide conservative jurist in the Scalia-Thomas mold being nominated.

I hope conservative readers of this blog will commence a writing campaign.


Here's a link for those of you who want to e-mail Senators.

Here's a link for finding addresses of Senators.

Here's a link for an easy way to contact Senators (or, better yet, here).

Important set of phone numbers (courtesy of ProLifeBlogs).

FOLLOW-UP: Polipundit's analysis of the fight ahead in the Senate is a MUST READ and he provides aessessments of individual Senators. (H/T: Frank Laughter at Common Sense Junction).

FOLLOW-UP II: Patterico points to what he terms "Ground Zero" of the upcoming Senate fight over the nomination of Samuel Alito and provides an important analysis.

FOLLOW-UP III: If you're a Pro-Lifer, as I am, you should be heartened by the Alito nomination, as ProLifeBlogs reports.

FOLLOW-UP IV: Polipundit updates his earlier post (see above) and includes a link to NRO.