Saturday, October 29


The results of a poll taken at the Polipundit site (published today) are encouraging from my perspective, as I've gone on record all along in this blog of favoring Janice Rogers Brown as the nominee I would most like to see on the SCOTUS. Appears many others feel the same way. The pollster, however, seeks to avoid a knock-down, drag-out, war-of-the-worlds in the U.S. Senate.

Writes Polipundit:

My personal choice would be Judge Karen Williams. She’s 54, a Scalia-Thomas clone (when her Miranda-overruling opinion went to the Court, they were the only Justices to uphold it), backed by Gang-of-14 member Lindsey Graham, and in the middle of the list above - at the perfect mean between conservatism and confirmability.

NOTE: Here are my previous posts endorsing Janice Rogers Brown:

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And, back on October 3rd, on the very day Harriet Miers' nomination was released to the press, I made known my disappointment that the president had not selected Janice Rogers Brown or someone like her.