Wednesday, October 5


So the president is considering use of military troops to quarantine American citizens in the event the avain flu reaches our shores, but is loathe to use them to secure our porous borders. Why is that?

Illegal aliens, unlike legal immigrants to the United States, go through no health screening process and, as a result, have brought across the border with them a "resurgence of contagious diseases that had been totally or nearly eradicated by our public health system."

Tuberculosis, pork tapeworm/cysticercosis, chagas disease, leprosy, and typhoid, as but examples: are these not public health issues, Mr. President, meriting your concern and action?

You had better wake up to the reality of the president's indifference to the illegal immigration problem, American Citizens!

The avain flu would definitely present a threat to America; but the invasion from the south is already!

How about containing the invasion?

FOLLOW-UP: Frosty Wooldridge provides additional information on this topic. I encourage you to read his entire piece.