Sunday, October 30


Hyscience points to Bill Kristol's prognostication that President Bush's post-Miers-withdrawal nominee to the SCOTUS will be Samuel Alito. Insiders, however, are claiming the president has distilled his short list down to but two choices -- Judges Samuel Alito of New Jersey and Michael Luttig of Virginia -- without claiming one or the other as a certainty. Apparently the distaff side of the short list has been abandoned. I still hold out hope for my choice: Janice Rogers Brown.

Interesting is that Harriet Miers is spending the weekend at Camp David with the president to help him in his selection process. What a task: discerning among the candidates who offers those things that Miers, herself, did not! Isn't that carrying a cross a second time up Golgotha? I feel for her and continue to applaud her selfless act of patriotism in serving the best interests of President Bush and the nation.

FOLLOW-UP: Patterico -- say it isn't so, PLEASE! The president kow-towing to Pro-Choice Arlen Specter of all RINOs?

FOLLOW-UP II: Another perspective on Arlen Specter from Polipundit.

FOLLOW-UP III: Bulldogpundit weighs in on Samuel Alito and Arlen Specter and pulls no punches.

NOTE TO READERS: President Bush has returned to the White House from Camp David and could possibly make an announcement today on his new nominee in order for media coverage Monday morning.