Friday, October 14


My son, Jim, is just a 30-minutes' drive by car south of South Bend presently and he and his buddies will be attending the huge Notre Dame pep rally this evening (6:00pm EST) -- a pep rally whose anticipated attendance, 50,000+, will require that it be held outdoors in the Notre Dame football stadium. Yes, my son holds a ticket for tomorrow's top college football battle: #1 USC versus #9 Notre Dame. Yes, my son will be witness to a major upset -- the Fighting Irish toppling from college football's Mount Olympus a USC Trojans' football program that has won 27 consecutive games. Weis & Company will be the undoing of Carroll & Company. You read it here!

Some links to enjoy:

From the "South Bend Tribune."

From the "South Bend Tribune" a prediction by Lou Holtz.

From the official Notre Dame Athletic Website -- game notes.

From "" -- ND's QB and USC's RB compete for top laurel.

From MSNBC the thoughts of ND's head coach, Charlie Weis.

And, this and this from "USA Today."

Come tomorrow, I'll be sporting my ND cap, my ND Football T-shirt, and a fabulous, crocheted ND blanket that my wife made for me will be laying across my legs, while I watch THE IRISH bust the chops of USC.