Friday, October 21


Anne Linehan at gets my blood boiling with this offending revelation -- Instapundit (none other than king-of-the-mountain, Glenn Reynolds) has a problem with Texas BBQ or, as we call it down here, "Q."

The offending comment (i.e., fightin' words) from the always pithy, but indubitably "Q"-challenged Mr. Reynolds:

IT'S THE SMELL OF TEXAS HOME COOKIN' -- and I don't mean that beef stuff they pass off as barbecue.

"Beef stuff." I suggest Glenn get on a plane and get on down to my place north of Houston. I defy him to call my Texas-style, barbecue BEEF BRISKET anything other than a succulent, hickory-smoked masterpiece. I just hate it when a celebrity goes off talking about something he obviously knows not a thing about. If Glenn is willing to watch a master chef at work for 24-26 hours -- stamina is required --and quaff some beer and throw back his fair share of tequilla shooters with me along the way, then I'll make him repent.

And another promise just to show my hospitality in the face of his assault on the Lonestar State: if the fire ants should get to him and drive him indoors into the air-conditioning, I'll let him watch a DVD classic movie, "The Terror of Tiny Town" -- the only Western ever made with an all-midget cast.

If you think I'm just doin' some trash-talkin', take a look at the following (#1 and #8 for sure):

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8) Click here (a "Triumph")

PS: No wonder Glenn isn't as upset about "PORK" as many of we right-of-center bloggers are!