Thursday, October 27


Janice Rogers Brown

Karen J. Williams

Priscilla Owen

Arthur Raymond Randolf

J. Michael Luttig

Frank H. Easterbrook

FOLLOW-UP: Charmaine of Reasoned Audacity offers her list of solid candidates.

FOLLOW-UP II: As with Charmaine, Hugh Hewitt points to someone I may have over-looked on my own list -- namely, Judge Michael McConnell.

FOLLOW-UP III: JivinJ lists some candidates in this post at ProLifeBlogs.

FOLLOW-UP IV: Polipundit, by contrast, lists two potential nominees that should be opposed, including, interestingly enough, Judge Michael McConnell.

FOLLOW-UP V: Here's Jason's list, published at Polipundit.

FOLLOW-UP VI: Here's a list (courtesy of the "Las Vegas Sun")that includes Edith Brown Clement, who, if I'm not mistaken, is a Robert Bork favorite.

NOTE TO READERS: I have consistently indicated that my preferred choice would be Janice Rogers Brown.