Thursday, October 13


The "Houston Chronicle" (registration required for online edition) -- the principal newspaper in America's 4th largest city -- persists yet again in another ill-thought editorial in championing Houston's "sanctuary city" status.

The editorial opens:

REACTING to many Americans' concern that illegal immigration is out of control, U.S. Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchison introduced a bill to allow local police to arrest illegal immigrants. The bill would also allow state-licensed peace officers to volunteer to patrol the border.

Hutchison's bill, if approved, would have little effect. Most police officers' time is consumed by their policing duties and off-duty security jobs. Uncompensated hours patrolling the border or cruising for undocumented workers hold little allure for most hardworking officers.

Officials in the police departments of McAllen, Laredo, Eagle Pass and Presidio all expressed skepticism about the effectiveness of Hutchison's proposal and fear that it would hamper rather than increase safety.

The proposed legislation is of the sort that substitutes for substantive, effective policy-making. It offers false comfort for those who fear the nation will be overrun by illegal immigrants, but would not provide a plausible remedy to the flood of undocumented workers.

So Senator Hutchison is REACTING in all caps -- so sayeth the Chronicle's editorial board. Now that's an objective way to begin an editorial. And don't you just love this deep insight: "Most police officers' time is consumed by policing duties ..." Well, to that self-obvious truth all we want of the HPD is that they include in their policing duties supporting the efforts of Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agents given the fact that Houston has one of the largest populations of illegal immigrants in the entire country -- some 350,000 to 400,000 illegals.

The Chronicle editorial continues disingenuously:

As Hutchison's spokesman, Chris Paulitz, told the Associated Press, "We will never have enough Border Patrol agents." He's right. No feasible force, whether composed of professional immigration agents or volunteer officers, can halt the flood of Mexicans and other foreign nationals who have little opportunity in their homeland. The only way to substantially reduce the number of illegal immigrants north of the border is to increase economic opportunity south of the border.

As Texas Gov. Rick Perry noted recently in announcing his plan to beef up security along the border, rape, murder, kidnapping and drug trafficking are on the rise, particularly in Laredo and Nuevo Laredo. These terrible crimes should occupy the attention of local law enforcement agencies, not the arrest of illegal immigrants just looking for work.

Illegal immigration is a federal responsibility and demands a federal solution. Involving local police would decrease security by discouraging illegal immigrants from reporting crimes and assisting investigations.

What unadulterated crap. First off, beef up the U.S. Border Patrol (President Bush has not even authorized the levels of Border Patrol agents the Congress has already funded) and complement their numbers with National Guard troops augmented by non-climbable fences and high-tech sensing devices, and you can seal up the southern border -- at least down to a trickle. The Chronicle and other left-leaning media always make the case that our affluence, juxtaposed with the abject poverty of Mexico, makes the United States an ineluctable magnet for illegal immigration. Well, that may be the case in terms of the antecedent, but it doesn't account for 11+ million illegal aliens in our midst. That has more to do with a lack of national will and blind political obeisance to the "Wall Street Journal" and the myriad companies seeking and employing "cheap labor" (a misnomer, by the way, when you factor in taxpayer subsidization). Besides, the historically corrupt country of Mexico will never stop wanting to export its poor, its unhealthy, and its criminal element.

And, to be sure, the argument that police officers need to devote themselves exclusively to lawbreakers and not to so-called "undocumented immigrants" is a patent ruse. Fact is, over 30% of the federal and state prison populations in this country are comprised of illegal immigrants. They're lawbreakers when they breech the border, many were lawbreakers in their country of origin, and they continue committing crimes once here. And illegal immigrants have gunned down police officers! Just ask the Denver P.D. about that. Or, kindly explain how a ruthless Salvadoran gang -- MS-13 -- is now functioning in over 30 states in this country, if illegal aliens are only here seeking to improve their standard of living! Come on!

And the Feds versus States argument is a red herring from way back. That's as silly as the argument that federal troops should not be used in emergency response to natural catastrophes. It's just all nonsense. If Japan had moved from its surprise attack on Pearl Harbor to a large scale invasion of the West Coast, as many had feared, would it have made sense to tell Los Angeles Police Department officers not to shoot Japanese infantry? Come on!

The Chronicle editorial this morning is just another example of the left-wing MSM undermining the liberties of American citizens and endorsing a policy that has police officers looking askance at people who have invaded our country and are wittingly bleeding its taxpaying citizens dry, while subverting America's healthcare and educational systems.

Sanctuary City policies must be rescinded and the nation's borders sealed off to illegal immigrants.

FOLLOW-UP: Here's Kevin Whited's take on the Chronicle editorial.