Friday, October 21


Captain Ed wants Miers gone; John Hawkins wants Miers gone; and the Wall Strreet Journal has termed the Miers' nomination "a political blunder of the first order."

Going once, going twice ... gone.

Were it only so simple. The president has about as much bend in him as an oak tree.

FOLLOW-UP: Dick Morris adds his thoughts on Miers.

FOLLOW-UP II (10/22/05): Sounds as though the White House is putting up trial balloons regarding a possible withdrawal of the nominee.

FOLLOW-UP III (10/22/05): This from PoliPundit (i.e., another prominent blogger in the "withdrawal" camp).

FOLLOW-UP IV (10/22/05): Frank Laughter of Common Sense Junction suggests that if Miers' nomination is not withdrawn, she's unlikely to be confirmed.