Wednesday, October 19


Michelle Malkin throws a real scare into Geena Davis' fans -- the fictional, first-woman-ever President of the United States with the best set of lips to grace the Oval Office since White House intern Monica Lewinsky was testing for dust balls under President Clinton's desk. (Indeed, many would argue that Monica was more resolute than the desk.)

With the disgraced Sandy Berger hired as an advisor on ABC's much-publicized "Commander in Chief" show, I find myself already wincing at the prospect of the lovely Geena Davis appearing in cargo pants, rather than in the kind of gorgeous, Kenneth Pool-designed, strapless evening gown she wore in last night's episode, charming the socks off the Russian premier and leaving this viewer breathless.

What's Berger going to recommend to the script writers -- a scene in which Geena Davis is seen stealthily absconding with a sterling silver place setting? Wouldn't Hillary Clinton be a better fit in such an advisory capacity? While she's at it, she can have herself written into Geena's role by 2008. Besides, Hillary would look more comfortable in the cargo pants than Ms. Davis anyway!