Tuesday, October 11


Found this at "PrestoPundit" and all I can say is what a nice way to start the day. Bush '41 was a big-government moderate and his son, Bush '43, is indubitably a big-big-government democrat operating in the guise of a conservative republican.

The hard-line Miers/Bush backers cannot fathom why bona fide conservative Republicans are breaking with the president over his nonsensical choice of Harriet Miers. It's real simple, so let me explain.

When you spend as if there's no tomorrow and never even once exercise your presidential veto power to reign in the pork; when you talk homeland security over and over in the context of the global war on terror (GWOT) and sponsor the creation of yet another bureaucratic-ridden white elephant (DHS) to protect us, all the while turning your back on the huge problem of 11+ million illegal aliens and borders so porous that 10,000 more a day are breeching them; when you parade your pro-life credentials and promise your loyal conservative base that, if given the chance, you will nominate justices to the SCOTUS in the Scalia-Thomas mold and then you pick instead a veritable cipher -- your White House counsel, close personal friend, and former personal attorney; when you let a United States Senator of dubious moral character who espouses a heretical, left-of-Left political philosophy co-sponsor federal, "No Child Left Behind" education legislation; and when you almost single-handidly breath life back into the political corpus of the Right's most loathed democratic president of all time; well ... then the president can expect to have a head-on collision with a large portion of his conservative base and it won't be pretty, but it is he who is both antecedant and catalyst of this all-too avoidable catatrophe, owing purely to his pugnacious bullheadedness.

Reagan never forgot who got him there. President Bush has.