Wednesday, October 5


Captain Ed's post last night doesn't rise to the level of a scolding, but he does make the case that enough is enough and admonishes conservatives disgruntled over the Harriet Miers nomination to concede that it is "time to move on and remember that we have other priorities at stake ..."

The Captain's point of view is level-headed and would be compelling for me were it not for the fact that in this conservative republican blogger's view the top priority for the president, apart from placing strict constructionist, pro-life justices on the United States Supreme Court, is to secure our nation's borders and stop the wholesale invasion of illegal aliens into our country.

But five years have passed without anything approaching that national security requirement being addressed and the likely outcome anytime soon will be the passage of legislation, signed by the president, to grant amnesty to the 11+ million illegal aliens already afoot in the United States and to implement a Guest Worker Program that will become an even greater magnet for the continued influx of immigrants from Latin and South America. The president's indifference in this regard is very much akin to his indifference vis-a-vis his conservative base in nominating Harriet Miers. The president is going to do what the president is going to do and without nary a concern for the contradictions rife in many of his decisions.

The president has turned his back on our country's porous borders and his conservative base, pure and simple, and for that we're not obliged to fall back into the fold and march with him in lockstep. Loyalty given should be loyalty returned and I'm not talking about rewarding a close friend and former personal attorney with a nomination to the highest court in the land.

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