Monday, October 10


Oh, that knucklehead reference is my way of chiding Hugh Hewitt for playing the ad hominem game with bloggers who have a contrary view regarding the Miers' nomination.

I actually have a high regard for "No Oil For Pacifists" and "Polipundit" and find it hard to believe that Hugh would blister them with the knucklehead sobriquet for taking issue with the president over his selection of Harriet Miers. But "knuckleheads" they are, according to Mr. Hewitt.

Kind of reminds me when that big shot movie producer in "Godfather I" called Vito Corleone's adopted son, attorney Tom Hagen, my Kraut-Mic friend when Hagen responded to the producer's initial ethnic insult by saying he was of "German-Irish" descent. That said, I don't think Hugh will find a horse's head in his bed tomorrow morning, no matter how disagreeable he has been of late!

By the way, Glenn Reynolds has an interesting post up.