Thursday, October 6


I wish I had written this.

The writer, Thomas Crown, has climbed into my head and my heart, as a Pro-Life Republican in the wake of the Miers' nomination, almost as if we had collaborated on this piece together. But we did not and, as Lincoln wrote, I'm not sure that I could "add or detract" from what Mr. Crown has done here with his compelling, heartfelt post.

I'm one of those people who when he encounters a masterful column or essay is hard-pressed not to print off a copy and put it away for safe-keeping. I've done just that with Thomas Crown's post, but only after first having read it several times through and countless times saying under my breath, "Yes, that's it ... that's how I feel .. that's how I think ... yes, that's what we who believe in the sanctity of life must do."

That's what I enjoy about blogging, bloggers, and the blogosphere -- kindred spirits who link not just to what you write, but who find linkage with your very soul.

I'll conclude this and re-read Thomas yet again. It's my credo now, too.

As I have written many times and in many ways and published on this blog, I do not shy away from a litmus test. Bush captured my votes in 2000 and 2004 precisely because he declared himself a believer in the sanctity of life and that, given the opportunity(s) during his presidency, he would nominate to the United States Supreme Court justices in the Scalia-Thomas tradition -- justices who in time would combine to overturn the outrage that is Roe vs. Wade and the abomination that is abortion-on-demand.