Thursday, October 27


This from a report is galling:

McCain and Cornyn emphasized that the goal remained an across-the-board overhaul, even as they acknowledged the challenge ahead. "It's not going to be easy," Cornyn said. "We all agree that comprehensive immigration reform is the way to go. You can't fix a piece of this and claim victory."

McCain (RINO-AZ) and Cornyn (R-TX) clearly are in disfavor of addressing border security first, as is Bill Frist (R-TN), his claims to the contrary notwithstanding. Getting the porous borders' issue resolved before worrying themsevles with comprehensive immigration reform would be, from their jaded viewpoints, counter-productive. That's because they want to roll a form of general amnesty into a complex, major bill (without calling it that) and placate Latino activists' groups, business interests, and the corrupt Mexican government.

American voters ought to insist otherwise.

We have 11+ million illegal aliens in the country because of the failed policies of Bill Clinton and George W. Bush vis-a-vis national security in the context of an invasion from the south and an international terrorist threat. And we presently have as many as 10,000 illegals per day breeching our borders. This is a disgraceful abnegation of presidential responsibility as the nation's chief law enforcement officer and Commander In Chief.

Homeland Security is not about ensuring "cheap labor."

And Homeland Security is an egregious misnomer when Congress funds additional Border Patrol agents and the president refuses, via subsequent budget cuts, to implement the build-up of border security resources that Americans want.

Texas governor Rick Perry has finally figured it out. High time the former occupier of the Texas' governor's mansion have an epiphany, too.