Wednesday, October 19


"We're going to get control of our borders," Bush said. "We'll make this country safer for all our citizens."

Once I picked myself up off the floor, after reading that incongruous quote in the "Houston Chronicle," and climbed back into my chair in front of the computer, I didn't know whether to cry or to go outdoors and let out a primal scream.

Has the president, with his polling numbers in near free fall, suddenly found religion, experienced an ephiphany, and become a convert to the need for border security in a post-"9/11" age?

My opinion: don't hold your breath. His newfound interest in controlling our borders may be just another example of what The Anchoress terms his "rope-a-dope" tactics. I should add, however, that while The Anchoress used the term to describe the president's cleverness in his nomination of Harriet Miers, I use the term differently to describe a cynical, late-innings' effort to mollify his conservative base which is rightly unglued over his big-spending, big-government, Bush '41- style approach to governance, his incongruous indifference over the past five years (and earlier as Texas' governor) to a runaway illegal alien problem and national security-threatening porous borders' imbroglio, and now his confounding nomination of cipher Harriet Miers, who carriers no originalist credentials in the Scalia-Thomas (Bork) mold.

Just look at this prime example of George Bush's "rope-a-dope" -- i.e., luring his critics into the corner of the ring, while he lays against the ropes, purposefully trying to wear down the opposition with proposals that say one thing and mean another:

"Enforcement cannot work unless it is part of a larger comprehensive immigration-reform program," Bush said. "If an employer has a job that no American is willing to take, we need to find a way to fill that demand by matching willing employers with willing workers from foreign countries on a temporary and legal basis."

There's the catch -- right there in front of you -- so don't be deluded for a minute. What that statement should read, if the president has truly come to his senses about the impact of 11+ million illegal aliens already afoot in our land and 10,000 more per day breeching our borders, is: A larger comprehensive immigration-reform program cannot work absent first securing our borders.

That, to be sure, is the central issue -- stopping the invasion first and proving to American citizens (and particularly registered voters) that the borders are secure. Evidence of that must precede importuning us to have faith that the federal government -- egregiously negligent through two Clinton administrations and well into the first year of Bush '43's second administration -- can design and implement a Guest Worker Program as intricate (and unmanageable) as those preposterous pieces of legislation currently being heralded by the Ted Kennedys and John McCains of the world. Kennedy shouldn't be trusted with anything important to this country. Need I even have to write that? And RINO McCain gave us McCain-Feingold -- bungled campaign finance reform that nearly cost Bush the 2004 election -- and "The Gang of 14," which led to Harriet Miers. Want to entrust these two with border security?

Think about it. Bush-Cheney-Rumsfeld want to win the war in Iraq in the worst way and yet have been unable to secure Iraq's borders from insurgent/terrorist intrusion. Now, having turned on a dime after years and years of patent indifference to the "El Plan de Aztlan" invasion of our southern border by millions of Mexican nationals and "Other Than Mexicans" alike, do you want to "trust" the president that border security will be implemented in parallel with guest worker programs and renewable visas and no thought whatsoever of deporting the 11+ million illegals who are already here?

And do you really understand the depths of this preposterous statement of the president's:

"If an employer has a job that no American is willing to take, we need to find a way to fill that demand by matching willing employers with willing workers from foreign countries on a temporary and legal basis."

... no American is willing to take ... ???

American citizens, particulalry those hapless hurricane evacuees dispossessed of homes, cars, furniture, and clothing, certainly would take good-paying construction jobs in the Gulf Coast were it not for the fact that President Bush, with a wave of the hand, made those cut-wage, cheap-labor jobs in order to attract border jumpers to the biggest reconstruction effort in United States history.

And American citizens, particularly those who live in the Gulf Coast region -- the largest petro-chemical manufacturing center in the entire world -- would certainly have taken these good-paying jobs were it not for the fact that illegals were hired in their place.

The American people must come to their senses and disabuse themselves of the notion that illegals are simply the abject poor of neighboring countries violating our borders in desperation to do the rigorous, back-breaking, stoop-labor in our country's agricultural fields -- work that we bona-fide, "documented" Americans are unwilling to do. That's a careworn canard used by open borders apologists and Latino Rights' activist groups. It's propaganda, pure and simple. Being a bus driver was good enough for Ralph Kramden, just as it was for countless American employees of Greyhound and Trailways. Well, it was good enough, too, for illegal immigrant Juan Robles Gutierrez. Of course, he was undocumented, hired anyway, unlicensed to drive a bus in the United States, and wasn't maintaining his commercial driver's log books. Want to go for a ride with Juan Robles? He prefers not to pick lettuce either.

And do keep this in mind: ruthless, murdering, MS-13 gang members, operating in 33 states, who themselves are illegal aliens, most from El Salvadore, don't want to pick lettuce either. They want to rape, steal, maim, murder, and smuggle drugs and more of their kind into America. Nor do Mexican Zetas want to pick lettuce. These "rogue Mexican commandos" -- border jumping assassins one and all -- deal in lead, not in agriculture.

Just remember, Readers of ACSOL, that this is the same getting-tough president who, despite earlier appropriations from the Congress to hire and train more U.S. Border Patrol agents, has, at least up until now, refused stubbornly to do so.

Don't succumb to the rope-a-dope. Let's pull the president off the ropes and insist that he do first what he should have done immediately on the heels of the "9/11" terrorist attack on American soil -- place troops on our borders and significantly bolster the U.S. Border Patrol, while sending a clear, firm message to the corrupt government of Mexico that the invasion must stop. And, lastly, understand that he has finally gotten it in his head that "amnesty" is anathema to the majority of American voters, so he's simply going to jettison that term and try to get very liberal guest worker legislation passed that is tantamount to allowing 11+ million illegals to remain here in the States. That's right: just more rope-a-dope. The ol' shell game in the hands of a proven, political magician.

And for this writer, it is unconscionable.

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FOLLOW-UP II: The "Dan Stein Report" tells it like it is -- illegals working the Katrina-Rita reconstruction jobs instead of American citizens; and "The Times-Picayune" confirms it. Are you outraged yet?