Tuesday, October 4


Captain Ed does a nice job here of summarizing and analyzing the reaction of the New York Times, the Washington Post, and the Los Angeles Times -- the blessed trinity of the liberal elite media -- to the President's nomination of Harriet Miers to the United States Supreme Court.

The Washington Post editorial board is pleased as punch that the president opted to avoid an idealogical confrontation.

Worrisome is the New York Times' view that Miers' nomination may signal that Senate democrats prevailed in encouraging (some would say "threatening") the president to place into nomination someone more palatable to the other side than a lightening rod nominee who would be anathema to Senate liberals.

And the Los Angeles Times editorialist echoes the sentiments of many of Bush's heretofore core supporters who worry the Miers' nomination is more about cronyism than exceptional legal talent.

Captain Ed offers this view in conclusion:

Bush, like most second-term presidents, wants to leave a substantive legacy after the end of his term. One of the initial promises he made to the people during his first presidential campaign was the oft-cited vow to be a "uniter". Unfortunately, with the radical Left in charge of the Democrats these days, the opportunity to fulfill that role has not often appeared. With Reid giving Bush a pass to nominate an evangelical with little record of legal scholarship to the Supreme Court as a political peace offering, he may have hoped to cement his place in history by not only confirming one of the brightest legal minds of the era as Chief Justice but in using his second pick as a bridge to an era of better cooperation between the White House and Senate -- while still getting a conservative on the bench.

Will it happen? The Post not only seems to believe so, it wants to celebrate it. If Bush knows Miers as well as he believes -- and after more than a decade of close service, he should -- then he may well have pulled off the biggest hat trick of his career. We will soon find out when Miers starts her confirmation hearings at the Judiciary Committee.

Why is it incumbent upon President Bush to build a bridge to "an era of better cooperation" with the Senate's shark-infested pool of progressive-secularist extremists?

To me that's shades of the bridge he built early on to the Vicente Fox administration in corrupt Mexico and with the deleterious consequences it wrought.