Tuesday, October 25


H-Bomb at AnkleBitingPundits puts up one of the best posts I've read today, calling on President Bush to get it in gear and communicate his message. Oh, if Bush '43 only had Reagan's gift for connecting with the American people.

I think for the benefit of his presidency, the efficacy of his second term agenda, and for the history books, he needs to jettison Harriet Miers and re-cement the trust of his conservative base.

As H-Bomb writes:

Nevertheless, I think it’s time to hit the panic button. Unlock the briefcase, punch in the code, and hit the button. The GOP is in rough shape. It’s time to panic.

The Miers nomination to the Supreme Court is a clear example. Heretofore, I have felt the outsized outrage from the political right was a bit affected and inappropriate. I don’t really like the pick myself. But I’m not prepared to label her “unqualified” or “not conservative” simply because I’ve never heard of her. But what has become clear to me at least is that the frustration conservatives are experiencing over the Miers nomination is of the “last straw” variety. Her nomination in and of itself is not a reason for panic. But everything that has led up to it is.

Read the post in its entirety. The Miers' nomination was the straw that broke the camel's back; but there have been simmering antecedent's to George Bush's fall from grace with the conservative faithful and the pot is at full boil now.