Saturday, October 15


At the risk of being immodest, I would like to point regular readers of ACSOL (and visitors to it) to a very generous, much-appreciated plaudit from John Brimelow at the "VDARE Blog" -- a well-read site focusing on immigration and border security issues and which, to my delight, has ACSOL in its blogroll.

We bloggers who pound away at our keyboards and seem eternally relegated to what Hugh Hewitt calls the tail of the blogosphere lead a hard-knot life, perpetually questioning whether we have the requisite writing talent to attract a loyal readership, to earn the occassional link, or a listing of our site in another's blogroll, to garner Site Meter "hits," or, most importantly, simply to be heard. We all strive for those special moments when a well-regarded blogger gives us an accolade or any kind of notice. We want to know that we don't just type away into the night for anything other than our delight in recording our thoughts, opinions, and interests.

As writers, we want readers. And as bloggers, we need occasional encouragement. The competition is so keen and the blogosphere seems to be growing exponentially. So I extend a warm "Thank You" to John and others like him who have helped me to stay the course.