Monday, October 17


How much longer will American voters (and non-voters alike) tolerate the gross contradiction in terms of a Bush administration that talks tough about the global war on terror (GWOT) and the need to win in Iraq, but does next to nothing about America's porous borders? Has President Bush not said, "My greatest responsibility as President is to protect the American people."

When are Americans going to rise up and send Washington a real message? What kind of convincing do Americans still require that the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) talks a good game, but is doing anything but ensuring homeland security with its lackluster performance along our southern border with Mexico? Do the American people quite understand yet that in the 4+ years since the September 11, 2001, terrorist attack our federal government has been virtually indifferent to an illegal alien problem that now numbers 11+ million by conservative estimates and with 10,000 more per day pouring across our borders? When will American citizens at long last see this outrageous breeching of our borders for what it really is -- an unchecked invasion of our country?

James Pinkerton reports in this morning's edition of the "Houston Chronicle" (registration required for online edition) what this blogger has informed his readers of any number of times previously:

More than 47,600 illegal border crossers from "countries other than Mexico," so called OTMs, have been caught in South Texas this year. But 42,000, or more than 88 percent, have been promptly released and most have simply melted into society, failing to show up for required immigration court hearings, according to the Texas governor's office.

Alarmed that OTMs from not only Central America but also such nations as Syria, Yemen and Iraq are being freed, Texas lawmakers last year demanded that the Bush administration do something.

Two democratic governors of border states (New Mexico and Arizona) and two republican governors of border states (Texas and California) have made demands on Washington for help, and the former have even gone so far as to declare "states of emergency"; but what interdiction of illegals even occurs by an under-staffed, demoralized U.S. Border Patrol, more often than not results in a capture-and-release scenario, as if the DHS team were fishing for steelhead, rather than brazen border jumpers and possible terrorists.

Pinkerton continues:

Texas Gov. Rick Perry reiterated that concern last week when he unveiled a $9.7 million border security plan.

''Al-Qaida leadership plans to use criminal alien smuggling organizations to bring terrorist operatives across the border into the U.S.," Perry warned. "There can be no homeland security in Texas without border security.'"

Plan to use ... plan to use? The Texas governor is being politic or deliberately circumspect. Are there Americans, other than apologists of open borders, who believe for a minute that in the ensuing 50 months since "9/11" that terrorists haven't insinuated themselves into the U.S. mainland via routes that carry them through our porous borders with Canada and Mexico? Are there any Americans, other than goofy, liberal sympathizers blindly championing Latino rights, who do not believe that terrorist sleeper cells in this country are composed of at least some members who have been smuggled illegally into this country? Are there any Americans so naive and unthinking that they could presume for a minute that with staggering numbers of 10,000 illegals per day crossing our borders, that not a one of those border jumpers has been a terrorist, and particularly when President Bush has been beating into our heads that terrorist networks are bent on the destruction of the United States and the killing its people?

Pinkerton goes on to describe a sobering situation:

Jack Martin, director of special projects for the Washington-based Federation for American Immigration Reform, said the OTM situation is similar to the flood of asylum seekers who entered the country in the 1990s.

''What were facing right now with OTMs is a similar type crisis, where the word is out around the world," said Martin. '' 'All you have to do to get in and work is be an OTM and come in illegally from Mexico, because the detention facilities are full.' "

Martin said the Bush administration should declare an immigration emergency and house detained immigrants from countries other than Mexico in state jails or abandoned military facilities.

Government to blame?

Immigration lawyers in the Rio Grande Valley say the OTM crisis is one of the government's making, noting that existing detention camps hold many migrants who are fighting deportation for past, and in some cases minor, criminal violations. ''Those are policy decisions made by the same congressmen who think the next terrorists are coming across the border," said Jodi Goodwin, a Harlingen lawyer. ''We're stuck with (those policies) until they're changed."

No one knows just how many OTMs have blended into the landscape. But some lawmakers fear that the federal government has lost track of several hundred thousand of these migrants in recent years.

A large number are from Guatemala, Honduras, Brazil and other Latin American nations with which the United States is friendly. But others are from the U.S. government's so-called "countries of interest," including Pakistan, Iran and Sri Lanka, and that concerns some lawmakers.

How could any American, armed with this information, place any credibility in the president's global war on terror? Global war! We're not even coming close to winning the one right here at home on our nation's southern border!

"OTM crisis!" That's an understatement. The illegals -- the so-called "undocumented" stoop labor yearning to make a better life for themselves -- are even trying to down U.S. Border Patrol helicopters! It's incomprehensible that the GWOT has any legitimacy whatsoever or can gain any traction with its critics when the president and the Congress refuse to declare a second front along the contiguous U.S.-Mexico border. Is there any country in the world that would tolerate this sort of thing?

Is it going to take a devastating explosion(s) and the heinous slaughter of thousands of Americans perpetrated by terrorists traced back to illegal border entry for America's registered voters to ensure that an explosion of indignation occurs in voting booths across our land?