Saturday, October 15


It's after 3:00am CDT and I can't sleep. I've done some reading, watched a night owl edition of ESPN on the long-standing rivalry between USC and Notre Dame, dating back to the Knute Rockne era, and just plain paced around the house a bit, trying to keep quiet enough so as not to distrub my wife's slumber.

This game is so huge! #1-ranked USC versus #9-ranked Notre Dame in South Bend, Indiana. These are my two favorite college football teams dating back to my youth. The only time I am not for USC is when they go up against The Irish.

The USC Trojans enter the game this afternoon with a 27-game win streak on the line. Remarkable! Brilliant. How else to describe the feat? They are to be respected and recognized for this stellar achievement.

Notre Dame, on the other hand, was un-ranked in the pre-season; and given the fact that their schedule this year is considered the toughest in the country, many predicted they'd be 0-5 when it came time to face the Trojans. Instead they're 4-1 and #9 in the country, and this game today is all about respect for a program that has fallen in disarray in recent years and is poised now for a return to glory!

Head Coach Charlie Weis has had two weeks to prepare his team for today's gridiron showdown and if anyone can watch film and figure out a way to dismantle USC's defense, it's Charlie Weis.

My son, Jim, is in South Bend. He attended the Pep Rally held in Notre Dame Stadium with 50,000+ in attendance. He called afterwards and said it was such an awe-inspiring, emotional experience that it brought tears to his eyes. Well, when The Irish upset the Trojans this afternoon, my eyes won't be dry either!

FOLLOW-UP: Per an Associated Press (AP) story, the key for The Irish, according to their Head Coach, is they must play a 60-minutes' game and not fall out of their game plan -- i.e., they must keep pressing.