Sunday, September 18


So are there Red State/Blue State elements in one's selection of where best to buy a cup of coffee? The folks at Zogby think so, according to this story published back in August at "": to wit, if you partake of Starbucks you're likely a Leftie, and if you prefer Dunkin' Donuts' coffee you're likely a Rightie.

According to a recent Zogby poll, the coffee you drink likely reflects where you sit within America's political and cultural divide. It's what the Zogby folks call "The Starbucks Divide."

As it goes, the folks who drink Starbucks coffee differ mightily from those who drink Dunkin' Donuts coffee. Starbucks drinkers are primarily under 50. Liberals and progressives -- shocking I know -- are twice as likely to drink Starbucks.

The divide breaks down along gender lines, too. While men prefer Dunkin' Donuts over Starbucks 36 percent to 28 percent, women prefer Starbucks by a much wider margin, 40 percent to 24 percent.

And as for Starbucks' patently liberal politics, as exemplified in its over-the-top advertising campaigns (read here and here), there's clearly a mission afoot:

There should be no shock here that liberals chug Starbucks while conservatives sip Dunkin' Donuts. Starbucks hails from Seattle, the land of the disaffected hippie - some of those hippies went on to become technology millionaires, and their money now funds a variety of left-leaning causes of every kind.

To be sure, Starbucks has long contributed to numerous liberal causes - Planned Parenthood, gay rights, etc., etc. - but has never dropped one cent, to my knowledge, to support any program or cause that could be considered "conservative."

Even the quotes on Starbucks' paper cups, part of the company's "The Way I See It" campaign, are decidedly left-leaning. Of all the actors, athletes and performers quoted, only one, Jonah Goldberg, has been a conservative.

Why do I keep hearing the snobbish affectations in the voices of Frasier and Niles Crane, as they fuss fastidiously over their double Vente Latte Foo-Foo Mochas? I must concur with the Zogby folks, as I can't imagine either Frazier or Niles ever voting Republican or venturing in to a Dunkin' Donuts (or a drive-thru beer barn).