Thursday, September 8


As regular readers (you few, you precious few!) of my blog have come to know about me, I love movies, particularly the old black and white classics, and movie analogies are my stock in trade for making a point or drawing a parallel, albeit sometimes stretched so far that, like old underwear, they don't snap back. And I enjoy fellow bloggers who have a similar propensity in alluding to movies and their themes!

So in that context (and this may cause you to wrinkle up your brow), I read a passionate post by "The Anchoress" (her Irish was really up!) today about the Left and its MSM allies being up in arms over the Bush Administration's call for no publication in the media of photographs of the countless dead bodies that will be turning up in New Orleans in the aftermath of Katrina, and a scene from "On The Waterfront" immediately came to mind and a line from Bud Schulberg's splendid script.

Recall when Johnny Friendly, the president of a corrupt waterfront union local, and his mugs viciously beat up longshoreman Terry Malloy (played by Marlon Brando), leaving him cut, bloodied, and crumpled on the deck of the warf? Friendly, himself battered by Malloy's flurry of combination punches, emerges from the fight, glaring up at the crowd of his local's members who have gathered along the dock, and shouts:

You want 'im? You can have 'im. The little rat's yours.

Well, in my mind, anyway, that quote represented shades of The Anchoress' post and is indicative of her rage and disgust with the Bush-bashing camp, which wants so desperately to get the photos of drowned, poor-black Katrina victims above-the-fold on the front pages of every newspaper in the country, as well as broadcast graphically on the network news and 24/7 cable news channels.

When I read her post and looked at the poignant photo she published of a hapless hurricane victim, I could hear her screaming to the gathering phalanx of Bush-bashers:

You want 'em? You can have 'em! The photos are yours!

The macabre fascination with dead, decomposing, drowning victims, the vast majority of whom will be black, is all part of the Left's sinister compilation of evidence to hang President Bush out to dry, hoping emotion will displace fact in the same way that water pouring in from Lake Ponchartrain displaced lives in New Orleans, dispossessing people from their homes, possessions, and loved ones.