Sunday, September 25


I just sat down in front of the computer this evening, pulled up my blog, and clicked on the "Drudge Report" link in my site's sidebar, finding to my horror a photo of Barbra Streisand, as well as one of Cindy Sheehan. That's like coming onto the scene of a grizzly murder for which one's senses are totally ill-prepared.

Scroll down just a tad farther and there's Sharon Osbourne's mug staring back at you with a grocery store headline: I can't beat bulimia.

My God in heaven!

Is this the best Matt Drudge can do for his readers on a Sunday evening-- this trio of triviality?

Has the "Drudge Report" spawned its own "cone of uncertainty" and where it makes landfall nobody knows?

Any of the three is more than I can take, but collectively ... a trinity of the jejune and ill-informed ... impossible! Shame on you, Matt Drudge!

Time to evacuate ...

FOLLOW-UP: This morning (Monday) I see that Matt Drudge has chased the Sheehan photo (the good news), but supplanted it with that ridiculous shot of Senator John Kerry (the bad news) that made the rounds during his 2004 campaign. Streisand and Osbourne remain. Your coffee won't taste so good this morning!