Saturday, September 17


Saw this post this morning of Greg Wallace's at "What Attitude Problem?" and felt obliged to find out just what I'd be all about had I lived in 1400.

Greg, as you see, tested as being a MONK, one living a "peaceful, quiet life." I knew intuitively and from my experience in this life that a monk I am not, nor ever would be, and before I took the test. Besides, I recently followed "The Anchoress" lead and tested as John Wayne, so it hardly followed that a similarly discerning psychological test would place me in monkdom in 1400. Funkdom, yes; monkdom, no.

Well, figures I'd have been a KNIGHT.

You are the hero. Brave and bold. You are strong and utterly selfless. You are also a pawn to your superiors and will be lucky if you live very long. If you survive the Holy wars you are thrust into you will be praised for your valor and opportunities both romantic and financial will become available to you.
Stands to reason. My name, Bernard, means "bold as a bear." And I've tested as an ISTJ -- "the one word that best describes you is superdependable ... whether at home or at work, you're extraordinarily persevering and dutiful, particularly when it comes to keeping an eye on the people and products you are responsible for ... ISTJs are the true guardians ..."

Great -- a short-lived true guardian, whether in the 21st Century or the 15th Century!

Many thanks, Greg! The only thing now that can save me from taking a full plunge into the enervating despair that only knights know is for NOTRE DAME to beat hell out of Michigan State this afternoon!

Come to think of it, shouldn't a 15th Century Knight be able to take a 21st Century Spartan in combat without so much as tarnishing his armor? (I'll be there in spirit in South Bend today).

Here's the free Myers-Briggs test, if you want to gain some insights into your personality type. On this one I score as a "Politician." Not sure if my political instincts could have kept me out of a Knight's suit of armor in 1400!