Tuesday, September 27


We've done this before -- it's time for Patrick Ruffini's Straw Poll and you can link to it right here and cast your vote.

As with last month's edition, you'll vote for the candidate of your choice on the "Main Ballot" and then determine on the "Fantasy Ballot" if you prefer one of those candidates were they, in an ideal world, running. If, however, you want to stick with your "Main Ballot" choice, then merely select "Keep My Vote The Same" on the "Fantasy Ballot."

Do remember to indicate the state in which you're registered to vote.

A new feature this month is that Patrick is giving you the ability to Tag your vote. Read his instructions. This is a novel idea.

I'm disappointed that Newt Gingrich, who was added to the Straw Poll ballot in August has been removed from it in September. He's not even on the "Fantasy Ballot." He remains my first choice at this juncture; but, alas, to participate I'll have to go with another, probably George Allen.

Why Bill Frist is on the "Main Ballot" eludes me. What's Patrick thinking? Frist is about as viable a presidential nominee for the Republican Party as I am an Olympic marathoner. Harry Reid regularly eats Bill Frist's lunch. Frist ought to go back to doctoring full-time.

So, vote now!