Saturday, September 24


Our power went out last night at around 2:45am and has come on and off intermittently since about 8:30am this morning (Saturday). Not sure if I'll get this published before power fails again. It's as if someone is putting the plug in the extension chord and then pulling it. I'm a Houston-area blogger, but I do not reside in Harris County. My wife and I are farther north in the next county -- Montgomery County -- and live in the Lake Conroe area, on the west side of I-45, or what Houstonians call the "North Freeway."

Presently we have north-northeast winds of 27 mph and with gusts up to 38 mph. We haven't had much in the way of rain, but winds were heavy last night. That said, we were able to sleep in our own bed and not in the windowless, walk-in closet under the staircase we had prepared in the event of more serious weather than we experienced.

Other than lots of debris in the yard, swimming pool, and street, we've had no damage to our home or landscaping, and came through Rita unscathed.

Presently, hurricane-force winds are about 20-30 miles due east of us on the eastern side of I-45, so we really dodged a bullet. We're south of Huntsville and southwest of Livingston. Livingston, Texas, is getting pounded.

I'll try to get this published now without further amplification, so at least one post is up before the power fails again.

Our hearts go out to all who have been impacted by the brunt of Rita's wrath. Fellow Texans and the good folks of Louisiana are in our thoughts and prayers this morning.

To the bloggers who have written to me, I thank you for your concern and friendship. We're okay. Only wish others were as well who were less fortunate than we.