Monday, September 19


Mayor Ray Nagin of New Orleans, the local official who left thousands of his citizens to fend for themselves in the face of Hurricane Katrina's wrath and the ensuing flooding of the Crescent City, all the while blaming the federal government for not doing more sooner to rescue the very people he had abandoned, is now in a big, idiotic rush to return people to portions of the city despite the concerns of federal officials and healthcare experts. This from the city's highest public official, a man who patted himself on the back for a city-wide evacuation that was only 80% complete by his own admisssion!

This is the guy who let hundreds of buses sit idle rather than use them to evacuate people who lacked transportation or, because of age or infirmity, were unable to get to higher ground. This is the guy who herded thousands and thousands of unwary citizens into the Superdome and Convention Center -- so-called "shelters of last resort" -- knowing full well that neither had an emergency stockpile of potable water, food, basic medical supplies, back-up electrical generators, or adequate security personnel.

Now, after all of his ranting and raving and finger-pointing and grandstanding histrionics, he's getting in the way of the very officials sent by the federal government to do the very things he demanded of them.

This guy is a real genius. Of course, he was genius enough to purchase a home in Dallas, Texas, for his own family in the aftermath of Katrina. He won't be encouraging them to return to an environment that the Feds remain quite concerned about.

SOURCE: The Associated Press (AP) via Excite News