Thursday, September 1


Peggy Noonan has written a column today, published in the WSJ's "OpinionJournal," in which she writes favorably of bloggers during the Hurricane Katrina catastrophe:

Bloggers. In February I wrote that bloggers will help get America through a national crisis. They just did. Nothing has the immediacy and believability of local reports by citizen journalists living through a local story. Terry Teachout performed a public service linking to Katrina blogs; Glenn Reynolds offered links to relief organizations. The Times Picayune's live-blogging has been solid. Local bloggers were great until they started losing electric power and couldn't send anymore. Mr. Teachout told me at the end they were blogging by BlackBerry. As power comes back the greatest blogging should begin--what it was like, what the recovery is like, what is happening on the streets. Thanks in advance.

But bloggers and their readers can do so much more and many of us are trying to do just that today.

Please consider making a donation for Hurricane Katrina relief and, if you will kindly do so, accept my heartfelt thanks. You'll have made someone's life a little better in the aftermath of an epic natural tragedy.

HAT TIP: My friend, Greg Wallace, at "What Attitude Problem?"