Thursday, September 15


Mark Tapscott opines in this post that secularist forces (the ACLU comes to my mind) and liberal federal judges make the rescission of the recitation of the "Pledge of Allegiance" in public schools an inevitability and that more and more parents are pulling their children from public schools and opting to homeschool them in the wake of these kinds of unsettling encroachments on traditional beliefs and values. He links to a post by La Shawn Barber who challenges parents to consider homeschooling their children if private school tuition is beyond their means -- a post in which La Shawn writes:

Why wage war to recite the pledge in government schools when those same schools teach that perversion is normal, America is racist, and Western culture is evil?

Yes, it makes the blood boil knowing our tax dollars are poured into a failing system and into the paychecks of incompetent socialists, but we need to pick our battles. The government school system is hopelessly lost. Focus on making sacrifices to homeschool your children and teach them biblical values, how to be decent people and good citizens. Let the deviants wallow in the muck they created.

Fortunately for us, I had the means to put my two sons through well-regarded Catholic parochial schools through a good part of their K-to-12 schooling and had I to do it over again I'd make the same choices and the same financial sacrifices, the only difference being I wouldn't let them so much as set foot in a public school classroom. I'm not even confident anymore that the so-called "Fundamental" schools found in some corners of public education (and where we sent our sons during a portion of their elementary school years) can withstand the forces of European-style secularism and nihilism so prominently on display now in our country's public education system -- a system enervated by the stranglehold of teachers' unions and their liberal, non-traditional agendas.

I feel for the parents; I feel for the students; and I feel for the good teachers and administrators who are compromised by these dispiriting trends.

One of my sisters opted to homeschool her children. So I have some understanding of what's involved, the commitment of time and effort required, and the hurdles that must be overcome.

It's just a shame that government fails in its role to provide a quality education, while oftentimes upending the family's ability to provide alternatives because of taxation so high (e.g., property taxes) that many mothers are forced from the home into the workplace.

Parents are caught in a vice and not of their making.