Wednesday, September 7


Do yourselves a favor today, tomorrow, or before the week is out, Dear Readers, and follow the rock-solid advice of Brian at "The Blue State Conservatives," as I did, and read every single word of Bill Whittle's essay of September 5th, entitled Tribes, posted at "Eject, Eject, Eject!"

I printed it out, poured myself a second large mug of coffee, took the cap off a yellow highlighter, and read it all the way through this morning. Bill's essay is not a USA TODAY-style piece that conveniently loads into a column the length of a Band-Aid and makes no demands of the reader. No, quite the contrary, it's going to take some quiet time and a chunk out of your busy day to read it at least once, although it is so pertinent and insightful a piece of writing that it deserves a second read, as all classics do!

Bill Whittle's thoughts are shaped by the backdrop of the 2000 presidential election, the "9/11" terrorist attack on our nation and the heroics that ensued, and Hurricane Katrina -- the deadliest natural disaster in our nation's history -- and the appalling human behavior that unfolded before the nation's eyes. It's provocative, as are all of Bill's essays; and, as Brian suggests in his post, timeless in its relevancy. Whittle convincingly dismisses the attribution of race as an explanation for the mayhem, looting, rape, and murder that occurred in New Orleans in the aftermath of Katrina and the disastrous rupture of the city's levee system. That rupture led to one far more apocalyptic -- wolves ravaging the city until the sheepdogs belatedly came to the rescue of the sheep. Indeed, it is about the human condition, but an analysis of it with the gloves off and no whiny, mealy-mouthed liberal nonsense.

Unlike what the Left is hellbent on force-feeding to a compliant audience, Bill Whittle eschews the "race card" and points to tribes bent on feeling good and where everybody is special versus tribes who do what has to be done in a crisis and dispense with hand-wringing and blame-mongering and "get their feet wet." He distills it down to a battle between the capable and the culpable.

Don't bounce around the blogosphere as if you're going through a cafeteria line today. Forego the smorgasbord and just chew and digest this entree! And, afterwards, get the word out, as I have, and Brian did for me, and Lorie Byrd did for him.