Wednesday, September 14


Last night on the Brian Williams-anchored NBC Nightly News, President Bush's acceptance of responsibility for the federal government's less than satisfactory response (i.e., FEMA) to the Hurricane Katrina disaster was reported in the context of a reference from the voice-over reporter to "botched" federal relief efforts. I repeat: the descriptive adjective was botched.

I listened to that report with disgust. The federal government's response was neither bungling nor unskilled, although it was halting and compromised by the inept emergency response of local and state officials in New Orleans and Louisiana. Nonetheless, President Bush is taking a much higher road than that of the whining Mayor Nagin and his in-over-her-head democratic colleague in the governor's office in Baton Rouge, Kathleen Blanco.

President Bush isn't going to parse what is is; rather, he's going to tell the nation tomorrow night what the federal response was and what was should have been and will become after a vigorous post mortem assessment. That's being a leader, imperfections and all.

POSTSCRIPT: "The Anchoress" links to this post that quotes from a "Comment" left at Roger Simon's blog -- a "Comment" from a writer who does as good a job as any in pointing to MSM-induced hysteria and finger-pointing during the early days of the post-Katrina disaster relief effort.

POSTSCRIPT II: More here from "The Anchoress" apropos of Kathleen Blanco's culpability in the slow federal response that President Bush is getting the lion's share of the blame for from the mainstream media.