Monday, September 12


Betsy Newmark points to this column by Star Parker, published in "," to put in the kind of perspective the MSM is refusing to provide the ridiculous, baseless charges that President Bush doesn't care about black people. It's mean-spirited propaganda at worst and unadulterated nonsense at best. Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton, Howard Dean, Kayne West and others like them who feel compelled to raise the spector of racism in the Katrina post mortem are doing this country a disservice. The Democratic Party ought to rebuke such inflammatory rhetoric, but it's become a political party without honor and one controlled by its extreme left wing, so I won't hold my breath.

Meanwhile, how can you accuse a president of racism who wants to grant amnesty to 11+ million illegal aliens (mostly Latinos), and who has done hardly a thing in five years in the White House to secure our nation's porous borders? The claim of racial motivations is as preposterous as Homeland Security in this era of porous borders is a misnomer.

The president a racist? That dog don't hunt. And the demagogues of the Left know it, but peddle it anyway.