Tuesday, September 20


Now this takes all. The National Council of la Raza wants federal law enforcement agents to look the other way during hurricane disasters -- i.e., they're lobbying for the granting of "protective humanitarian status" for illegal aliens! Knowing this bunch such a federal dispensation would be all inclusive -- applicable to looters and MS-13 gang members and repeat border crossers (felons).

Illegals already have the benefit of ridiculously inane "Sanctuary City" laws that take local police out of the picture in identifying illegals and turning them over to federal agents. They're prohibited from doing so! That's why Houston, as but one example, has 350,000 to 400,000 illegals on the streets.

Now la Raza wants U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforecement (ICE) agents to stop doing their jobs as well and such a hiatus during a catastrophic storm, if granted, would be the first in a series of small negotiation slices before eventually the entire salami is gone. They just want to chip away and chip away at the rights of legitimate American citizens to the benefit of border jumpers, many of them repeat offenders.

They're no doubt praying for a long hurricane season and the continuation of the Bush Administration's lackluster border security and amenability to open borders' apologists.

SOURCE: NewsMax.com"

HAT-TIP: "Lone Wacko"