Tuesday, September 27


Here's a round-up of posts by bloggers who have layed bare the truth that there was far too much in the way of apocryphal story-writing and brazen, ratings-whipped, cable-TV hyperbole in MSM reporting in the wake of Katrina's landfall, and particularly following the levee breaks that inundated New Orleans.

Sean Hackbarth puts up this post at "The American Mind" in which he writes:

It's been three weeks since the levees broke, and New Orleans was turned into a lake. One of the more dramatic stories was of the literal raping, killing, and pillaging that happened at the Superdome and convention center. It's interesting that no witnessness or alleged victims have come forward to personify the horrors that supposedly happened in those places. That's because much of the violence was false. The idea that the Superdome during the Hurricane Katrina flooding turned into a little Baghdad is a myth propagated by a MSM intent on advancing conventional wisdom instead of seeking truth.

Not to be outdone is Frank laughter at "Common Sense Junction," who scalds the MSM:

Remember those macabre stories of mayhem, murder, rape and torture at the New Orleans Superdome and at the NOLA Convention Center during the days after Katrina hit? Remember the actual descriptions of murder aired by one cable TV channel after another? One man told of a police officer that shot and killed a man in cold blood right outside the Superdome and nonchalantly drove away in the dead man’s car. The man dutifully repeated the story for each of the cable news channels and nobody asked for a second witness.

Remember the criticism of Bush because the White House failed to heed the “repeated warnings being broadcast 24 hours” before FEMA responded?

Remember those stories, all mixed in with the rhetoric about how badly George Bush had personally screwed up the relief effort?

Well, body count time has arrived and so has the time to establish the manner and cause of death.

Richard at "Hyscience" doesn't hesitate to weigh in either:

Remember all the stories of rapes and murders in the Superdome in New Orleans?

Would you believe that most of those stories were contrived??

Nor does Kevin at "Wizbang":

Remember the good 'ol days (last month), when TV and print media were slapping each others back - congratulating each other on what great work they'd done in reporting on Hurricane Katrina?

What if everything you thought you knew about life in New Orleans immediately after Katrina turned out not to be true?

And, by all means, read this post of Michelle Malkin's on the Gray Lady's penchant for distortion!

Never take the words they (the NYT) print at face value. Ever.

You've probably already been doing that for a long time. But now you have the Times' own editors affirming that even they don't take their writers' words as factual assertions--but instead read them as "figurative references." Check out the Editor's Note today explaning away a slanderous libelous error made by reporter Alessandra Stanley that the paper had refused to correct--even when confronted with irrefutable video evidence that her claim was flat-out false:

Bottom-line, one must be a critical reader and viewer these days! Don't be manipulated.

FOLLOW-UP: This from "ACE" is just too good not to add as an addendum to this post. Do read it.