Monday, September 12


So Jesse Jackson professes fear that "black evacuees will be overlooked when it comes to federal aid and future jobs" in the wake of Hurricane Katrina. That's the ol' race-baiter at the top of his game. Of course, there's a bit of sleight of hand involved here, as the erstwhile reverend showboats in front of the cameras in the Gulf Coast. Not too long back, Jesse Jackson was bent on forming a coalition of blacks and hispanics, the latter mostly comprised of illegal immigrants. And not too long ago Jackson was chastising Mexico's Vicente Fox for claiming that Mexican nationals (we know them as illegal aliens) were willing to do the work in the United States that its black citizens shun.

Well, many poor blacks were evacuated to Houston, TX. Houston has taken in more than 100,000 Katrina evacuees, most of whom are black. And many of the relocated will never return to southern Louisiana. And, know this, too: Houston has 350,000 to 400,000 illegal immigrants. If the feds were to round up the majority of these illegals and deport them, and the work that they had been performing was made available to out-of-work, black evacuees, what, pray tell, would happen? Bet you couldn't get a straight answer from Mr. Jackson if that question were posed to him on "Meet The Press."

By the way, in 2002 the federal government (exclusive of state and local government spending) expended $10.2 billion on illegal immigrants. Would Jesse Jackson support the deportation of illegal immigrants, if the quid pro quo was to free up a portion of that money to aid black evacuees of Hurricane Katrina? Bet you couldn't get a straight answer to that question were it posed to him on "Meet The Press."

You see Jesse Jackson talks out of both sides of his mouth. That's his stock in trade. His demagoguery embraces poor blacks and illegal immigrants and the downtrodden "of color"; and his kind of coalition requires that these people remain that way or his rag-tag constituency goes poof. He'd never abide a solution for one that detracts from the needs of another. So his solution for all is more federal largess and to get that he extorts it from the federal treasury by amplifying the blame game and the finger-pointing and the race-baiting and the hate-mongering.

The only pot at the end of the Rainbow Coalition is the one earmarked for Jesse.

POSTSCRIPT: President Bush responds to the charges of the race-card proponents, saying "the storm didn't discriminate and neither will the recovery effort." But that won't be good enough for Jesse Jackson or Al Sharpton or other race-baiting pot-stirrers of their ilk.

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