Thursday, September 8


Yesterday I advised (and belatedly so, I'm sorry to admit) my readers to catch up with Bill Whittle's essay on "Tribes" -- a provocative look at the ugly, criminal side of life in New Orleans in the aftermath of Katrina. Today, I'm giving you the "DO NOT PASS GO" heads-up that James Lileks is (what else is new?) a must read. I know this smacks of a used car salesman's pitch, but trust me!

Whittle upends the "race card" politics of the Left in its reconstructing the federal response to Hurricane Katrina; Lileks ravages the "central narcissistic conceipt that underlies the great institutional blob of BosNyWash" and slays the pretense of the Left and the complicity of the Eastern Establishment in assailing President Bush as criminally negligent in directing federal relief efforts in Katrina's wake.

You just cannot do any better than to read these two exceptional pieces of writing.

HAT-TIP: Betsy Newmark

FOLLOW-UP: If you're an inveterate fan of James Lileks or into him now for having read the piece of his I linked to, then here's another of Lileks' columns (published by "Newhouse News Service") and one the "The Anchoress" delighted in, obviously!