Thursday, September 15


I vote insights.

I think it was an inevitability that Michael Brown would be chased with all the bad press he and the president received in the immediate aftermath of Hurricane Katrina over the widely criticized federal response. Brown had to fall on his sword, if not for the president, than certainly for Brown's boss, DHS' Michael Chertoff.

But it was all too apparent that Mayor Ray Nagin of New Orleans and Louisiana Governor Kathleen Blanco were inept and plodding at the local and state levels and that much of their criticism of Michael Brown, FEMA, and President Bush was aimed at deflecting hard looks at their respective performances during the crisis and its aftermath. Neither was a leader; neither distinguished himself.

Here is a must-read post by John Hawkins of "Right Wing News," if you've been following this game of political hot potato. Michael Brown has vented to the "New York Times" and it makes for some interesting connect-the-dots reading.

POSTSCRIPT: John Hawkins provides a "Part 2" post.