Thursday, September 1


This blogger is proud to have registered his blog -- A CERTAIN SLANT OF LIIGHT -- in the Hugh Hewitt-inspired, Glenn Reynolds-supported, N.Z. Bear-implemented BLOG FOR RELIEF DAY -- "a day (September 1, 2005) of blogging focused on raising awareness of and funds for relief efforts to aid those affected by Hurricane Katrina.

ACSOL is but one of 745 blogs from 11 countries that are presently engaged in this fund-raising drive and more may join the campaign throughout the day. Indeed, if you're a blogger and want to register your blog and do your part to help, kindly click on this link.

But, whether you're a regular reader of my site (for which I thank you) or a first-time visitor (for which I welcome you), I ask you to please consider making a donation (and you can do so right now conveniently online) to Catholic Charities so the distraught, displaced, desperate victims of Hurricane Katrina's fury may know some relief, may find some shelter, and may, through your good-hearted charity and that of millions of others, know some sense of hope for the future in the midst of their fractured lives and fractured families and a natural disaster of epic proportions that has befallen them.

For your consideration and, hopefully, your kind donation, I thank you.