Wednesday, September 14


This is sad behavior from the Chief of Police of the Houston Police Department: according to a story in today's edition of the "Houston Chronicle" (registration required), Chief Harold Hurtt has bowed to pressure from local pro-immigration activist groups and has announced that the police force for America's 4th largest city will no longer engage in sting operations on illegal immigrant-infested day laborer sites in response to citizen complaints from neighborhoods impacted by the undocumented loiterers.

As Edward Hegstrom writes:

Houston Police Chief Harold Hurtt said his department will not do any more day labor sting operations like the one mounted west of downtown earlier this month.

In a meeting with activists Monday, Hurtt said he wants to build trust with immigrants, and he was concerned about the way the operation was handled, according to a police spokesman.
Houston, of course, is a "Sanctuary City" and one that currently harbors 350,000 to 400,000 illegal aliens, and with more streaming towards it every day through the Rio Grande Valley of south Texas. Many of these illegal aliens congregate on public sidewalks and in the parking lots of private businesses looking for work as day laborers and there have been countless citizen complaints about harrassment, intimidation, public intoxication, public urination, drug-dealing, and burglaries of homes in proximity to these sites.

The Houston P.D. had originally planned on photographing these illegals, but Latino activist groups intervened and pressured the department to capitulate and back away from such plans. This, in turn, resulted in plans by the Minutemen to come to Houston in October to do what the Houston P.D. is now unwilling to do. But the ACLU is in full battle dress and intends to block the efforts of American citizen-patriots.

Interesting that the MSM is putting a full court press on their desire to photograph and publish corpses retrieved from the flooded homes and businesses in New Orleans in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, but photographing illegal immigrants mulling about on street corners is anathema. Show me an MSM editorial calling for police action vis-a-vis illegal alien day laborers. And think about this: these same illegals are doing work that should rightfully be given to thousands left jobless in the wake of Katrina. But illegals get a better shake in this country than American citizens who are victims of natural disasters.

In Houston, a woman walking to her car in a shopping center parking lot has to decide whether or not it is worth the risk to brave a crowd of Mexican nationals milling about, none carrying any form of documentation, and every last one of them lawbreakers for breeching the U.S.-Mexico border; but a protected class nonetheless in a "Sanctuary City" where the police chief routinely kow-tows to Latino activist groups and apologists of open borders. That woman doesn't have protection locally or even from the President of the United States, whose oath it is to uphold the laws of the land, but who has failed to address the issue of 11+ million illegal aliens afoot in our country and 10,000 more a day jumping our borders. It doesn't even seem to draw the president's notice (or that of the Congress) that 30% of the prisoners in Federal Bureau of Prisons facilities in the United States are illegal aliens. Isn't that a revealing statistic and doesn't it belie the fact that these people are not just innocuous crop-harvesters searching for a better life?

That woman walking to her car: is she your grandmother, mother, wife, sister, daughter or niece? Or is she you?

Thanks a lot, Chief Hurtt, for doing everything within your authority to make sure she's not hurt. You just keep genuflecting to the radical Left and building that rapport you desire with illegal immigrants and their sponsors.

FOLLOW-UP: Anne Linehan, of "" seems as incensed and confounded as I over Hurtt's decision.

FOLLOW-UP II: Here's a must-read column, if I've piqued your interest regarding day laborer sites populated by illegal aliens. It's written by La Shawn Barber.