Wednesday, September 14


Houston Chief of Police Harold Hurtt's cave-in to pro-immigrant activist groups has been further exacerbated by a muddle-headed lead editorial in today's edition of the "Houston Chronicle" (registration required). Figures the Chronicle would fall in line.

Excerpts follow:

Houston has a thirst for cheap labor. In the neighborhoods where employers go to quench it, groups of workers can cause apprehension in residents. As with any population of poor people who lack social networks, a few of the Latino men who gather on some streets for day labor are undesirable: drunk, loud or aggressive. Earlier this month, Houston police officers also believed a day labor group included a local burglar. Unfortunately, their plan to catch him marred their ability to enforce the law.

Many day laborers are here illegally. But the Houston Police Department rightly considers controlling illegal entry a federal task. Police doubling as immigration officials would divert limited resources needed to prevent crimes such as murder, robbery and sexual assault and to apprehend the criminals who commit them.

Research and experience show that mistrust of the police spreads easily through minority communities, regardless of individuals' status.

This Monday, HPD Chief Harold Hurtt met with immigrants' advocates about the hiring sting. To his resounding credit, Hurtt agreed that it was counterproductive. In future cases like this one, Manzo said, HPD will use warnings and urge workers to join official day labor sites.

Although pressured by groups such as the Minutemen, HPD should hold its ground on this policy and devote its resources to arresting real criminals.

First, illegal immigrants are anything but "cheap labor" when you apportion to direct wages paid to them by employers illegally employing them the ancillary costs borne by taxpayers for the rich subsidies illegals receive -- e.g., in healthcare, public education, housing, criminal justice, and transportation (with cost estimates ranging from $69 billion to as high as $87 billion). When a housing contractor hires an illegal alien day laborer to work at a construction site for $5.00/hour, that's cheap-cheap-cheap labor to him. But to American taxpayers it is anything but a bargain. Chronicle editorialists know this, but refuse to speak to it, because their Liberal agenda and bleeding hearts get in the way of reason.

Yes, most day laborers who congregate at sites in Houston and other American cities are illegal aliens and already lawbreakers for having breeched America's borders; but Houston is a so-called "Sanctuary City" and many big city newspapers are in favor of their local police forces passing the buck for enforcement of immigration law to federal authorities simply because they know federal authorities are overwhelmed by the sheer numbers (11+ million conservatively) of illegals afoot in the country. Newspapers kow-tow to Latino activist groups, just as police chiefs do. Meanwhile, criminal activity by illegal aliens is abetted and protected, as the Claremont Institute rightly reports, and the Chronicle's editorialist purposefully fails to illuminate.

And who cares if illegal aliens become "mistrustful" of police authorities -- they're here illegally, many are breaking other laws, they're a drain on local, state, and federal treasuries, they rent our social fabric, upend our educational systems, enervate our healthcare systems, and for that and more they have no business receiving any silk glove treatment from law enforcement agencies.

And let's talk about "real criminals": if you roust undocumented aliens loitering at day laborer sites -- aliens who broke the law the minute they entered the United States illegally -- doesn't it follow that such tactics may reduce more serious crime?

Were it not for the muddle-headed thinking on display in this Chronicle editorial and others like it regularly published in the MSM, and were it not for the ridiculous "Sanctuary City" policies across this country that handcuff local police officers from protecting American citizens, it's unlikely we'd have today (as but one egregious example) a notoriously deadly street gang of illegal aliens, operating in 33 states, and committing murder and mayhem, virtually at will, and with the temerity to go after with deadly force citizen-patriots trying to do what the Houston Police Department and other police departments like it refuse to do -- stop the invasion of illegal aliens, immigrant gangs, and for-hire assassins in our country and its cities.