Monday, September 5


If, as is the case with the vast majority of Americans (not among the Washington politicians, but certainly among the voters), you're fed up with our nation's porous borders, the bona fide homeland security threat they represent, and the fact that 11+ million illegal aliens (a conservative number) are already afoot in our land and with 10,000 more a day breeching our borders, then you should be as upset as I with the patent legerdemain of the Houston Chronicle's editorial board.

In the newspaper's lead editorial today (registration required for the online edition), they acuse anyone concerned about this thorny, front-burner issue of being xenophobic -- i.e., of having a fear or hatred of strangers or foreigners. That assault on the intelligence and good will of its readers and all Americans is made in the opening paragraph.

ILLEGAL immigration is again a hot-button American issue. Fear of terrorism, economic insecurity, concerns about "cultural dilution" and resentment over public extra spending for social services drive this growing anxiety and xenophobia. Whatever arguments might be made on these fronts, the case that illegal immigrants are stealing jobs from American workers is increasingly difficult to make.

Then, as you can see for yourself, they try some slight of hand in suggesting that absent making a cogent case that illegal immigrants are taking jobs from American citizens, it follows that such "undocumented" immigration is vital in filling jobs to sustain the American economy. Even more disingenuous is the editorial writer's purposeful casting of illegal immigrants as agricultural workers. After all, how can you pick on desperate poor people from Mexico and other countries of Central and South America, who come to this land to harvest crops and to do the back-breaking work that our citizens refuse to do! Have you heard that storyline before? Well, it's mostly a fiction.

These folks damn sure aren't minimum wage fruit-pickers and lettuce-harvesters. Nor are the illegal aliens who comprise 30% of the federal prison population in this country! And the MS-13 gang certainly isn't doing work (e.g., drug-trafficking and human-smuggling) needing to be done in the United States, yet this notorious blight on America now operates in 33 states and with thousands of members, virtually all illegal immigrants and mostly from El Salvador.

I tell you, this editorial doesn't merit reading beyond the first paragraph.

Houston currently has a population of between 350,000 and 400,000 illegal aliens. Meanwhile, it is filling up with thousands of Hurricane Katrina evacuees, many of whom will likely choose to remain here, as, sadly, they have nothing left to go home to -- neither shelter, transportation, nor jobs. These hapless U.S. citizens shouldn't have to compete for jobs, medical treatment, social services, or educations for their children with illegal aliens. America must care for its own poor and the thousands now suffering dispossession in the aftermath of the greatest natural disaster in American history.

For the major newspaper in America's 4th largest city to publish such an editorial on the heels of this unprecedented natural cataclysm is unconscionable. Its editors are trying to head off what will be a perfectly understandable effort to put the needs of Americans before those of Mexican nationals (and others) who have illegally crossed our southern border.

By the way, do you understand what that "public extra spending" is for illegal aliens that the Chronicle's editorialist awkwardly points to and without amplification? Well, maybe Frosty Wooldrige can give you some insights that the Houston Chronicle is loathe to provide. So can a government study cited in "WorldNetDaily". And there are countless other reliable sources of information on how taxpayers are being burdened with subsidizing illegal aliens -- lawbreakers who, in turn, send billions of dollars in remittances back to their homelands each year.